• Free use of inner tubes
  • Free use of lifevests
  • Only “ravine-issued” flotation devices allowed in park
  • Outside food and drink are not allowed.
  • T-shirts, swim booties, rash guards, jewelry, and other garments and accessories are prohibited on some slides

Check safety rules and regulations in Slides & Attractions section.

The Ravine Waterpark has over 80 lifeguards; all of whom are trained and certified by NASCO (National Aquatic Safety Company). NASCO has been training and certifying waterpark lifeguards around the world for over 30 years and has the best record of safety in the industry. NASCO inspectors also conduct routine waterpark slide inspections for various parks around the country and the world. NASCO officials are frequently requested to partake in court cases, as expert witnesses, involving deaths due to drowning. Two times each summer, NASCO inspectors fly out from the Midwest or East Coast and inspect and rate our lifeguards for efficacy and protocol; additionally, our certifying guards must attend a four day training/assessment consortium at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas each year to stay abreast of the latest information on lifeguarding protocols. The California State Dept of Industrial Relations also inspects The Ravine five times each year. The first inspection lasts 3 days and involves structural and safety inspections of all attractions, and lifeguard documentation inspection.  The remaining  unannounced inspections are inspections of lifeguard operations, methods, and adherence to the safety and operational protocols which are spelled out in the lifeguard manuals. Our SLO County Health Dept. also conducts multiple inspections of the pools and sanitizing systems and our snack bars.

Special Guests

At The Ravine, we welcome our guests with disabilities.  The Ravine is ADA friendly. Questions about any of our services for any guests with physical limitations may be addressed to anyone at ‘Guest Services” 805-237-8500, or to any manager.

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